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Lent -and Spring- are coming!/></center>
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Lent -and Spring- are coming. Have faith beyond the snowstorms!

This is Bob Boeri’s website, version 2… the first major design upgrade since 1999. My intent remains:
  • Showcase my words and others' too
  • Share my photos and other resources
  • Manage privacy and avoid sharing information with social sites like FaceBook to maximize privacy. No need to "Like" anything here. Just visiting is "Like" enough.

(more details if you want them, including explanation of "Legacy" pages…)

NEW and Recent:

15 November 2014: Added link to scans of
Antique WHS documents, which were in my original (Legacy) site but not available in this new site until now.

12 September 2014: Created a new blog about my memories growing up in a small town from the late '40s to the mid '60s: Whitefield - Growing up in a small northern NH town. One of three blogs
described here. Or go to this new blog directly.

9 September 2014: Published the
first of a series of blogs about my experiences planning and getting rooftop solar panels.

6 August 2014: Found and added my
1978 MBA thesis, "Business Survival". Statistical analysis showing dependence of business (and society) on energy, especially petroleum. It was pessimistic and wrong in its year 2000 predictions. Was I just early?

23 July 2014: Restored old WHS reunion photos. Now
a single page with links to all photos, recent and the "legacy" section.

20 July 2014: Updated
photography legacy section with flower photos.

15 July 2014:
New WHS Reunion page and photos

28 May 2014: New "
For Sale" page as I downsize.

2 May 2014: Here's what
LNG construction at Cove Point would look like.

13 February 2014: Cove Point LNG
in recent news.
Results of Political Cartoons voting are in.
Click here to view results.

10 January 2014:
New LNG online social media resources page.

8 January 2014: Video of rally in Annapolis. 1 January 2014: Fracking facts and FERC Open Meeting transcript. 30 December: See
horrific video of a Dominion Power natural gas explosion, just last September! See table below for other recent updates, most about Cove Point.
19 August 2014: OV Cummings presentation to Calvert County Commissioners.
2 May 2014: Here's what
LNG construction at Cove Point would look like.

11 February 2014: Montgomery County Council
joins chorus demanding a full Environmental Impact Statement for LNG project at Cove Point.

28 January 2014: Why did Dominion's West Virginia plant blow up last year?
Here's a letter asking why.

And what's the truth about the downsides of hydraulic fracturing?
See Politico article.

26 January 2014:
More safety concerns in Baltimore Sun about LNG at Cove Point.

10 January 2014:
New online resources page such as Facebook.

8 January 2014:
Annapolis rally video.

3 January 2014: Fracking in Maryland and even Calvert County?
It's possible.
28 May 2014: We are downsizing, and I've set up a new page to show off the items we need to part with.

29 January 2014: Bob restored his early family history page from the original My-Words site (scroll down the
Interests page and select the Early Family History link).

26-27 December 2013: What's the
best political cartoon of 2013? Vote. Some are funny, some are sad but true.
Also, brought back earlier web page showing all my
eMedia and eContent magazine columns and reviews.

How much noise from LNG production? See how Australia measured it. Map looks amazingly like Cove Point!

1 Jan 2014:
Hydraulic fracturing and LNG expert testimony. Scroll to last three pages for summaries. FERC open meeting transcript.

30 Dec 2013:
Horrific video of natural gas explosions.

19 Dec 2013:
Many more articles and letters to Calvert County Recorder.
11-12 Dec 2013: Eagle's Nest, Cesky Crumlov, and Prague, Budapest photos added. See Travel. Also added link to legacy album, "Spain 2006."19

Nov 2013:
Salzburg Notes and Photo Album.

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