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Is it summer yet? Sure feels like it.

This is Bob Boeri’s website, version 2… the first major design upgrade since 1999. My intent remains:
  • Showcase my words and others' too
  • Share my photos and other resources
  • Manage privacy and avoid sharing information with social sites like FaceBook to maximize privacy. No need to "Like" anything here. Just visiting is "Like" enough.

(more details if you want them, including explanation of "Legacy" pages…)

NEW and Recent:

5 May 2015:
Yard Sale page updated.

10 January 2014 - January 2015:

15 November 2014: Added link to scans of
Antique WHS documents, which were in my original (Legacy) site but not available in this new site until now.

12 September 2014: Created a new blog about my memories growing up in a small town from the late '40s to the mid '60s: Whitefield. One of three blogs
described here. Or go to this new blog directly.

9 September 2014: Published the
first of a series of blogs about my experiences planning and getting rooftop solar panels. Updated as I learn more.

Travel Notes, Photo Albums, and other things, updates periodically.

DOWNSIZING, with links to items for sale or free. Updated as I work through the business of downsizing.
Something not working? Let me know via email.